Aircraft Brokerage

Your business or private jet aircraft is undoubtedly one of your most prized assets and most likely yours or your company’s largest investments. So naturally, when the time comes for you to sell or upgrade, you want to make sure that you get the best possible price.  Jetavia Business Jets is a global player in aircraft brokerage  and the perfect partner to market and sell your aircraft efficiently and effectively.

At Jetavia Business Jets, we assist clients through the entire sale process, from initial evaluation of their  aircraft all the way through to  delivery and closing.

Our Strategic Approach


Pricing and Market Evaluation

We will undertake a thorough evaluation of your aircraft with recommendations of any modifications or upgrades  to improve marketability.

With our expertise, combined with over 25 years of aircraft brokerage experience, plus access to database of recent transactions of your aircraft model, we can accurately advise you on a realistic asking price based on your requirements and market conditions.

Aircraft Pricing and Market Evaluation
Aircraft Appraisal Services

Aircraft Appraisal

We will perform a visual inspection of the airframe and the cabin, log book review to recall the history of the aircraft and in the process highlight any aspects that may have a bearing on its market value.


Advertising and Marketing

With your approval, Jetavia Business Jets will design a tailor made marketing campaign to sell your aircraft which will include professional quality photos, creating accurate product information / aircraft specifications, and provide the latest technical data for your aircraft, thus ensuring buyers are fully equipped to make their decision.

We will globally advertise your aircraft utilising a selection of media, such as professional aviation portals, aviation trade press, direct mail, web marketing and on this website.

Advertising and marketing

Legal and Commercial

Having secured interest from a buyer, Jetavia Business Jets will handle all aircraft showing,  offers and negotiations, valuations, technical inspections and legal requirements to ensure you get a smooth sale. With Jetavia Business Jets’s aircraft sales services, you get total dedication to finding the right deal and making a successful sale.



If required Jetavia Business Jets will represent your interests during the buyer’s pre-purchase inspection

technical Inspections

Closing and Delivery

We will work with the title company to manage the closing, de-registration, delivery and any other administrative task relating to the transaction.


How to successfully sell a business or private aircraft